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video business card

Steven Brooks

Video Marketing Guru | CEO & Founder of Guugos


Video Business Cards, Video Cover Letters

Additional background information

What is a Video Business Card ???

First of all it’s the right first impression when someone is looking for your business online. A Video Business Card is a focused video message, featuring you telling the viewer why he or she should do business with you. People want to do business with people they know, they like and trust. A professionally produced Video Business Card takes the first step in building that personal relationship. Consider it your online handshake.

The most cost effective solution for marketing your business, generating leads and building your brand. When compared to the cost of an ad in a newspaper, other print media, email campaigns and pay-per-click web marketing, a Video Business Card delivers greater value. It is a re-usable asset that can be used in a number of ways to build your brand and drive business.

Enable the viewer to take the desired call to action!

Your Video Business Card is presented with the following information

  • Key phrases that summarize your message and your brand
  • Physical address and hours of operation
  • Actionable email address to enable the viewer to contact you right away
  • Your telephone number for even quicker response
  • Hyperlinks to your web site, Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter & more
  • The ability to share your Video Business Card with others
  • Free space below the video for you to add more timely information and links for promotions or other time sensitive programs.
  • This webpage becomes a complete marketing programworking for you 24/7.


Would you like a Video Business Card?

Actionable Business Card Your Video Business Card is much more than a compelling video. It is presented to the viewer just like the image you see above this text. The objective is simple;