Have you looked at the picture on your business card lately ?  If you think a picture is enough to attract new clients, you are WRONG.


Take a moment and step outside of your comfort zone and walk in the shoes of a potential home buyer or home seller.  Visit any search engine and look for real estate agents in your area.  You probably found a few hundred to choose from and from the search engine results, they all look the same. If you are looking for a competitive advantage consider using a Guugos.com video to talk to your next client.  Tell them about your years in the community.  Tell them about your personal life and how you understand their fears, concerns and what their dream home looks like.  Or you can continue to show them a flat business card with a head shot photo taken 15 years ago.



Here is what you will get from a Guugos.com Video Business Card:


  • A deep dive analysis of your current business. Your geography, selling style, strengths and weaknesses, your emotional connection with clients, and your brand.
  • A Video Business Card that can be added to your paper business card with a QR code.
  • A Video Business Card that can collect the prospects information and direct them to your web site or landing page
  • Search Engine Optimization that can improve your search results by 57 TIMES. Not 57%.
  • Tools and techniques to make your Video Business Card available to more prospects then just your web page visitors.
  • This is a Guugos.com exclusive.


So call Guugos.com now and see how a Video Business Card and increase your leads.