Most of us know one or two attorneys in our personal or professional lives, but where do you find a lawyer when you actually need one ?  You will probably start with a web search engine.  When your search returns with 200 lawyers in your area, what do you do? You click on the link to the lawyer with a video thumbnail next to their name and begin to watch the video.



A Video Business Card will generate the results you need and at a cost lower than any other marketing program you have tried.  A broadcast quality video presented to the viewer with your desired Call-To-Action right on the same page is your secret weapon and your competitive advantage. Here’s why:


  • Your video business card will increase your search engine ranking 57 TIMES. Not 57%
  • Your video business card search result with show a video thumbnail indicating to the viewer that your web entry contains a video to watch, not more text to read.
  • Your video business card is working for you 365 days a year and 24 hours a day



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