Frustrated with your Job Search ?


You’re a job seeker looking for a new opportunity.  Your in a career transition or you are a college graduate looking for that most important first job of your career. To get the job, you must first get the interview.  Up until now you have been submitting your resume and cover letter to company websites or replying to position posts on job boards.  You may have engaged a recruiter to help you find the right position for you. You are not alone. If you could speak to a potential employer, you could tell him why you should get the interview.  If they met you in advance of the interview, could you show them the kind of person you are and the value you can bring to the company. So lets do it. Lets show them and tell them the person you are and why you should get the interview.  We’re going to send them your Video Cover Letter.


What is a Video Cover Letter


A Video Cover Letter is a professionally produced 60-90 second introduction about yourself that compels the hiring manager to want to schedule an in-person meeting.


Professional Coaching


You will spend one-on-one quality time with an experienced coach to help you prepare for your video taping.  Our counselors average over 25 years of business experience and all have advanced college degrees.


Video Filming and Production


After your coaching session, you will be scheduled to come to one of our filming locations to tape your video cover letter. We want you to look great on your video! We will provide coaching tips on what to wear and our professional make-up artists will put on the finishing touches before you go under the lights. During your filming session, our director will work with you to ensure your message is the best it can be. Finally, our editing team will put together your video with background music and lighting to create a broadcast quality infomercial all about you.


Putting your Video Cover Letter to Work


Now its time to share your message with potential employers and other resources where you can meet new contacts. Your video cover letter is delivered to you as a hyperlink, that is easy to open and loads very fast.


  • Embedding your Video into your resume ensures your video travels everywhere your resume goes.
  • You can post your video cover letter to any social media site such as Linkedin, Facebook, Dig and You Tube.
  • Your resume and video cover letter can be posted to any job board site or submitted to an employer in response to an open position.