was created in 2009 by Steven Brooks.  His concept was simple yet quite imaginative.  Find a cost effective way to produce broadcast quality video to help people introduce their companies and themselves to others over the Internet. 


Internet based video is rapidly becoming the most effective and impactful communications medium, outpacing newspapers, radio, email and voice. is among the pioneers in delivering video that produces measureable results.


Even as a young boy growing up in New York City, Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident.  His first job ever, he started a business delivering fresh hot bagels to families door-to-door every Sunday morning.  While other young boys were delivering newspapers and selling lemonade, Steven found an untapped market.  To this day, Steven’s creativity and passion has played a role in every step in his career.


Even the name of our company is quite unique.  GUUGOS is a Japanese word for COLLABORATE, and is a company that produces video to help people establish an emotional connection with each other over the web. Video Testimonial